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Killer M.C. (Interlude) Lyrics by WYCLEF JEAN

Lyrics of Killer M.C. (Interlude)sung by WYCLEF JEAN (total 78 song's Lyrics by WYCLEF JEAN)


Hello, boys and girls.
Welcome to Wyclef Words of Wisdom.
I am here with an m.c. that
everyone is scared of.
He has killed over a million
people on record and he's still
not locked up.
Am, what is your name sir?

[Killer M.C.:] Nuhmsayin? Am...
[Wyclef:] Yeah. Basically, if you have
killed so many people why ain't
you locked up?
[Killer M.C.:] I'm sayin' though like,
[Wyclef:] Yeah, exactly my point.
Don't believe the hype.