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Make It Up With Love Lyrics by ATL

Lyrics of Make It Up With Lovesung by ATL (total 3 song's Lyrics by ATL)


Let me make it up with love...

[Verse 1:]
So you say you need your space;
You say you need to get away;
I'm croudin' of you.
But girl game recognize game;
I know what you're going through,
Oohh yeahhh.
You're feeling frustrated;
I ain't been spending time lately;
Your body needs attention that I ain't been giving.
That's my bad, don't leave...

Let me make it up with love;
Lay your body down;
Baby let me work it out.
Making love will change your mind;
Everything is fine;
I put my name on it,
Sign it on the dotted line.
All night, hit you with this love;
Let me make it right;
Let me make it up with love...

[Verse 2:]
You know you like it when I touch you there;
Let me show you I care, before you leave.
Let me be your counselor , your comforter,
Your doctor, your remedy. Oohh yeahh.
Girl I know what you been needing;
Your body needs sexual healing.
And I'm here; I can make it right if you just let me.
Don't leave... yeah...


Listen baby;
Baby when it's all said and done,
You and me will be as one.
We can lay in love;
No no no no rushing, rushing.
And girl I'm putting this on everything;
You aint gotta leave...


Let me fall back, now I know how you feel when I aint call back,
Silly ways that you act, what you call that, other niggas in the hood
Is the ones givin you sex you thinkin you was all that,
Baby girl if you gotta lie, I can see it in your eyes, that you wanna ride,
You aint gotta say a word I can read your mind,
Shut the door, dim the lights, lemmie close the blinds you can come inside
Baby I can make it right;
Just one night;
Let me lay you down,
I can make it, make it.

Girl, I'm glad you want it;
So lay your body down.
Baby you can have it;
Let's make it right.

Baby I can a make it right;
Just one night;
Let me lay you down,
I can make it make it.
Let me lay you down,
I can make it make it...

[Chorus till fade]

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