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Stand Up Lyrics by ADEMA

Lyrics of Stand Upsung by ADEMA (total 27 song's Lyrics by ADEMA)


He says he love's you
But the make up will not cover up the bruises
He left on you
I tried to stop the cycle for you this relationship is wack
You bastard don't touch her anymore

Stand up stand up
He's a drunk and abusive
Stand up stand up
He thinks that you'll never leave him
Stand up stand up
I won't let him get near you
Stand up stand up
It's not your fault when he hurts you

I think you should have the chance
To enjoy the friends you have
He wants to erase them
I know that you are trying hard not to show it
But the coward is an asshole he's shameless

Abusive no more no more
Abusive no more no more

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