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Lyrics of Rickysung by WEIRD AL YANKOVIC (total 151 song's Lyrics by WEIRD AL YANKOVIC)


[R:] Hey Lucy, I'm home

[L:] Oh Ricky, you're so fine
[L:] You're so fine you blow my mind
[L:] Hey Ricky, hey Ricky

[R:] Oh Lucy, you're so fine
[R:] You're so fine you blow my mind
[R:] Hey Lucy, hey Lucy

[L:] Oh Ricky, you're so fine
[L:] You play your bongos all the time
[L:] Hey Ricky, hey Ricky

[R:] Oh Lucy, you're so fine
[R:] How I love tyo hear you whine
[R:] Hey Lucy

[L:] Hey Ricky
[L:] You always play your conga drums, you think you got the right
[L:] You wake up little Ricky in the middle of the night
[L:] Stop shakin' your maraccas now and just turn out the light Ricky

[R:] I'm sick of Fred and Ethel always comin' over here
[R:] 'Cause Fred eats all our pretzel sticks and then he spills his beer
[R:] Why don't you serve your cassarole and make them disappear Lucy

[L:] Oh Ricky, what's a girl like me supposed to do
[L:] You really drive me wild when you sing your babaloo
[R:] Oh Lucy, you're so dizzy, don't you have a clue
[R:] Well, here's to you Lucy
[R:] I love you too Lucy, too Lucy, let's babaloo Lucy

[L:] Hey Ricky
[L:] You're always playin' at the club, you never let me go
[L:] I'm beggin' and I'm pleadin' but you always tell me no
[L:] Oh, please honey please, let me be in your show Ricky, wah

[R:] You always burn the roast and you drop the dishes too
[R:] You iron my new shirt and you burn a hole right through
[R:] You're such a crazy redhead I just don't know what to do Lucy

[L:] Oh Ricky
[L:] What a pity, don't you understand
[L:] That every day's a rerun and the laughter's always canned
[R:] Oh Lucy
[R:] I'm the latin leader of the band
[R:] So here's to you Lucy
[R:] Let's babaloo Lucy, too Lucy
[R:] Everybody rumba!

[R:] Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha