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Used To Run Lyrics by SISTER HAZEL

Lyrics of Used To Runsung by SISTER HAZEL (total 46 song's Lyrics by SISTER HAZEL)


Don't know what I'm gonna make of this.
Feeling contemplative today.
I'm used to finding solace
In what I bought or what I thought but
That's not going to be satisfactory today.


Used to run and try to hide,
Today I'll stay and pick a side
And if I die well least I tried,
Yer standin' in my way...

Looked around this place to see where I belong.
Feel misunderstood again today.
It's such a strange sensation
Being my kind here in this time yeah.
But that's not cause for much But aggravation today.


Where was I - when Jimi kissed the sky?
And a Beatle said it's not too late to "Give peace a chance."
I survived The Brady Bunch, And the age of "let's do lunch"
Time is time - yeah time is time, Time and time again.