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Take A Ride Lyrics by LUSCIOUS JACKSON

Lyrics of Take A Ridesung by LUSCIOUS JACKSON (total 44 song's Lyrics by LUSCIOUS JACKSON)


stay low, arrows
echoes of heroes
follow their go
borrow halos
climb high, you might die
or stick around to see the sights
take this, drink that
things will start to look right
get lost in the cost
of living in the deep frost
take a ride from this life [x2]

can you feel it when it's in the night
i take it in with the morning light
everyday underneath the sky
sing along with the lullaby
can you feel it when we step outside
in the sun standing in the tide
it's a shame when i'm in the game
i forget about why i came
hush hush can i
stop the rush
hush hush i'm
stuck in the crush
take a ride from this life [x4]
take a ride from this life [x4]
live slow, die old [x3]