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Loving You Lyrics by Belle Mt

Lyrics of Loving Yousung by Belle Mt (total 1 song's Lyrics by Belle Mt)


Burn it into my collar
Hollowed onto your wrist
Heaven knows I don’t follow
But I believe in this

Blending into the darkness
And it gets harder to see
Try to stand and unravel
What a man's gotta be

When darlin' you're the only fit, you should know
Each time I break the final straw
It's loving you, blinds the senses
Reveals my inexperience
Oh, I can't even help myself
So how do I handle someone else?
It's loving you, takes me higher
The only thing that keeps the fire
Is loving you
Loving you

Breaking through my composure
No she don’t stop for the walls
Between the wreck and the ruin
We rebuild it all